Our process

The Gerent Group uses a four-stage approach when engaging in a search. Our 4-step process focuses on Urgency, Communication, and Trust. By using a proven search methodology, The Gerent Group is able to have a greater success in sourcing talent for your organization.
  • Step 1- Defining the requirements &
                 Initializing the search

  • Step 2- Implement the Search

  • Step 3 - Referral Process &
                 Candidate selection

  • Step 4- Offer Extension and Closing

Each search is unique and consists of four main phases tailored to your specific needs.

Step 1- Defining the requirements & initializing the search

Interactive and candid discussions are held with Human Resources and/or Hiring Managers to gain a complete understanding of the Client's operations, goals and objectives. These discussions allow The Gerent Group to identify a technical and cultural fit of potential candidates. This insures that both parties are on the same page prior to the search engagement.

The Gerent Group goes through an in-depth interview/profile with the Client addressing areas such as positions requirements, roles and responsibilities, future growth, benefits and compensation. Objectives are defined and a search strategy is created. These strategies consist of timelines, target lists of sources, networking approaches and potential competitors.

Step 2- Implement the Search

Initiate contact with a targeted list of sources and potential candidates through a direct and/or confidential approach. Assess the Candidate's needs in relationship to the Client's. Interview and qualify all prospects. Dive into individual's qualifications, motivations and career goals. In depth discussions regarding work history, W-2, references, and reasons for potential employment change.

Step 3- Referral Process & Candidate selection

The Gerent Group will conduct a verbal or resume presentation depending on the preference of the Client. These individuals are "Short List" candidates. These individuals' goals and objectives are congruent with the client company and the position profile. The Gerent Group will manage all aspects of the interview process unless otherwise directed by the Client. This includes all logistics of the interview process; scheduling of times, coordinating multiple schedules (on site and off site interviews), pre-interview briefing and post interview briefing. Upon the selection of a candidate, The Gerent Group will guide both the Client and candidate through the offer process.

Step 4- Offer Extension and Closing

The selection of the final candidate rests with the Client. However, we will guide you through the entire process. Account Managers and Clients will have extensive conversations regarding compensation (base pay, bonus structure, sign on bonuses, and stock options), benefits, reporting structure, relocation [if needed] and start date. We prepare Client and Candidate for unforeseen obstacles and work with both parties to resolve and work through any and all circumstances. After an acceptance occurs and an offer letter is signed, The Gerent Group will help manage the Candidate's resignation process. This includes written or verbal resignation, counteroffers, and any other unresolved issues. After the start date, The Gerent Group remains in close contact with the Candidate and Client to ensure a smooth transition.